Utusan Malaysia Online

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most appreciated newspapers in Malaysia. It contains pages related to current affairs, entertainment, politics, as well as many other things that people are interested in.

The newspaper has adapted to the new technology and now there is an online version of it. Additionally, Utusan Malaysia is online on Android, which is the mobile version of Utusan Malaysia.


Readers have the possibility to get the latest breaking news from this newspaper directly on their Android phone. Available features in this application are:

  • Hiburan
  • Dunia
  • Politik
  • Berita Terkini (in Bahasa Malaysia)


Utusan Malaysia is known for its logo and trademark and it was first created and published in Jawi, an Arabic transcript. It was established in 1939 and gradually, it became an influential medium for people to express their opinions about the ruling of the British Government in Malaysia.


Throughout time, the format and the content of this newspaper has evolved a lot. Today, it’s the most evolved and trusted source of news and information, having more than 32 pages of news and many other things. It also provides supplements related to topics such as:

  • music
  • health
  • fashion
  • entertainment
  • technology
  • business


There are also auto-renewing subscriptions that renew automatically unless the subscriber turns off auto-renewal after purchase via the subscriber’s iTunes account. Nowadays, Utusan Malaysia has included the latest technology and is also an influential medium for people. They have the opportunity to find out the latest news that may influence their lives and also to express their opinions about various things.