Utusan Malaysia Is The Best

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most important Malaysian newspapers. It was founded in 1957 and is also the number one selling Malay-language newspaper in Malaysia.

The newspaper contains over 32 pages of current affairs, news, as well as regular supplements. Its supplements are related to various fields such as health, technology, politics, entertainment, fashion, music and many others.


Despite the fact that this newspaper is so popular, it has also been criticised for manipulating audiences and for containing racist and provocative headlines.

Nevertheless, Utusan Malaysia is one of the main newspapers in this country. It also has supplements useful for tourists, but Utusan Malaysia covers also many local issues related to business, entertainment, culture and politics.


It also includes shopping, accommodation, bargains, vacations, resorts, property, stock market and many other things that people are interested in.

This popular newspaper also carries interesting reports about music, culture, entertainment and fashion. In addition, it contains reports about current affairs and news which are very important for the society. 


The survey conducted by AC Nielson on Malaysian publications showed that Utusan Malaysia is the most circulated paper in this country, having a readership of approximately 1,497,000.

Utusan Malaysia also has an English version and it became popular for a yeoman service in the British period of time when it emphasized provincial interests. Mingguan Malaysia is a sister newspaper of Utusan Malaysia.


Other popular publications in Malaysia are Kangura, Utusan Borneo, Kosmo and Harian Metro. It’s interesting how Utusan Malaysia still has a wonderful position, being the most successful newspaper in this country.