Utusan Malaysia History

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most popular newspapers published in Malaysia. The name of this newspaper can be translated into English as the Malaysian Courier. Well, this is one of the best selling and most trusted newspapers in Malaysia, being published in Malay language. Utusan Malaysia currently also has an online page on which people from all around the world will be able to find and read the latest news about important events that have happened within the country, but not only. Utusan Malaysia is considered to be a trustworthy source of information, providing new and accurate news.

There is no wonder after all that Utusan Malaysia is so popular nowadays. However, a very important aspect about this newspaper that you should be aware of, is that this also is one of the longest publications in the country. Utusan Malaysia was first published in 1967. In fact, Utusan Malaysia was released about 2 years after the first publishing of Mingguan Malaysia. Utusan Malaysia is considered to be a version of this newspaper. Since people in Malaysia think of Utusan Malaysia as a source of information they can trust, there is no shock in the fact that throughout the years the fame of this publication has been so much increased that in 1997, the Group media decided to launch a Utusan Malaysia online edition. In fact, this launch has been considered a historical moment for the country, as Utusan Malaysia is the first newspaper to have an online edition in full text and visuals.

Utusan Malaysia has made history in this beautiful country, but success has also shown a decrease during the years. An event of this kind dates back to 2009. Then, statistics indicated that the daily circulation of the newspapers has dropped with about 21 from 2006. Maybe this reality can be best explained through the fact that more and more people began using the Internet, this way accessing the online version of the newspaper for the latest news. No matter, such statistics the reality is that the popularity of Utusan Malaysia has never paled and people still consider it their main source of information.

Utusan Malaysia Brings All the News

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The Utusan Malaysia is one of the most read publications of the country. The paper has a long lasting tradition, as the first issue was released in 1939. There are many aspects which make the Utusan Malaysia one of the most important writings in the region. The impact of the paper grew once with its spread across the nation and with gaining more and more readers. The topics approached by the paper derive from the most important current affairs mainly. In addition to these, the Utusan Malaysia also issues supplements on various topics, such as: health, fashion, music, entertainment, politics and technology. Readers have the tendency to opt for this paper rather than for any other due to the fact that the information presented is very accurate, well-documented and professionally presented. Even though some criticism and controversy has surrounded the Utusan Malaysia, the paper is still going strong today in the printed and in the online version.

The criticism placed on the Utusan Malaysia revolved on the way in which political issues were presented. The political articles were said to be filled with mistakes, double standards and quotes taken out of context. In addition to the political themed scandal stirred by the Utusan Malaysia, another controversy issued after the apparent racist statements published. Even so, the paper still managed to stay in the top preferences of people looking to find out what is going on locally and nationally. The international segment of the paper could be improved, claim the readers and the other people involved, as it presents too little facts.

The Utusan Malaysia has moved to the online medium as well as most publications today. All the featured articles form the printed version and even more can be read online. The website provides a printed version available for download and a Facebook page, through which people can stay in contact with the releases and find out more about what is going on around them as soon as the news hits the Internet. The Utusan Malaysia still has numerous readers even after all the scandals, as it is a publication with a long history and tradition.

Things To Know About Utusan Malaysia

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Utusan Malaysia is a popular publication which has been released on daily basis for many years, in Malaysia, of course in the language of Malay. The name of this newspaper, translated into English, actually means Malaysian Courier. Well, not only that this is one of the oldest and one of the few successful daily newspapers of the country, but Utusan Malaysia also is the most appreciated publication in Malaysia. Statistics show that Utusan Malaysia is the number one publication of the country. So, we must say that people really trust it and that they base their own informing on the news received while reading this popular newspaper.

The first edition of the Utusan Malaysia was out in 1967. The first online version of the newspaper was released in 1997, so since that year people who want to be informed about the latest news and the most important events that have happened in the country can easily access the online page of Utusan Malaysia. Well, after accessing the Utusan Malaysia website, there is really no way you are not going to be positively surprised. The graphic is quite interesting, while the topics here are very engaging. As a reader you will have the possibility to leave comments or raise yourself new topics of discussion. Anyway, positive reviews are not all you will be able to read about Utusan Malaysia. Although Utusan Malaysia has been a credible source of information for numerous years, criticism on the newspaper raised.

Critics claimed that numerous news and various information presented in Utusan Malaysia were politicized, meaning that they were not actually impartial, as journalists should be, when presenting some stories. Despite the criticism, Utusan Malaysia has never lost its popularity or the position as the number one newspaper in the preferences of all readers. Anyway, statistics also showed that the daily circulation of Utusan Malaysia has dropped with about 21 percent since 2006 till 2009. Still, checking out the newspaper or its web page will definitely be a great idea if you want to learn something about the social and political context of the country.

Criticism Regarding Utusan Malaysia

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most important and renown newspapers in Malaysia, as it has a history of nearly 45 years. This publication is the main provider of news for the Malay people, who get the chance to read it in both a traditional and an online format. However, it was not the news and editorials that got Utusan Malaysia the popularity that it now has. Unfortunately, the reason behind it is the intense criticism that Utusan Malaysia got over time and the numerous scandals it was involved in. This is why the credibility of Utusan Malaysia had to suffer on numerous occasions.

Most criticisms came from the fact that Utusan Malaysia is thought to have political purposes, meaning that it only releases a certain type of political news. Also, Utusan Malaysia is often taking statements out of context, and thus it influences the opinion of its audience in a negative way. For example, the statements given by the Chief Ministers in Opposition-held states have been taken out of context more than once, thus manipulating public beliefs. Racism has also been of concern, as Utusan Malaysia has provocative headlines, especially towards the New Economic Policy. This is why many politicians from Malaysia have tried to boycott the newspaper and have filled numerous suits. Then, Utusan Malaysia is also blamed because it does not approach as many international news as people hope to read. Out of the total of 50 pages, Utusan Malaysia only allocates 2 or 3 pages to the foreign news section.

No wonder, thus, that people are unsatisfied with the newspaper. One of the most recent scandals in which Utusan Malaysia was involved was caused by the fact that the newspaper suspended the journalist Hata Wahari, who is also the president of the National Union of Journalists. The alleged reason behind this action was the fact that Hata Wahari had supposedly messed with the reputation of Utusan Malaysia, thus insulting its management. Although the criticism on Utusan Malaysia is harsh, people keep on reading it, especially since it is published online as well, and it also has an English version.

Utusan Malaysia Online

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Utusan Malaysia is definitely one of the most important publications for the Malaysian people, as it has a tradition of more than 70 years. Founded on may 29, 1939, Utusan Malaysia was published in Jawi, at first, which is the Arabic alphabet for writing the Malay language. After that, Utusan Malaysia was published in Romanised letters as well. Nowadays, people get to read Utusan Malaysia both in the native Bahasa Melayu language and English. Moreover, as the Internet has developed significantly throughout the years, Utusan Malaysia can be now read online as well.

One of the most important reasons behind developing a website for Utusan Malaysia was the fact that people wanted to have access to the newspaper no matter where they were. So Utusan Malaysia online has been released, for people to be informed about what was going on in their country, at all times. Like the traditional printed newspaper, the online version of Utusan Malaysia can also be read in both English and Bahasa Melayu. While it is true that the paper has suffered many transformations, Utusan Malaysia online was definitely a great idea, especially as we are living in a digitalised society. Utusan Malaysia online has sections that interest everybody, from international topics, to features that concern the Malay population in particular. Among the issues we can recall World, Sports and Entertainment.

While Utusan Malaysia online has quite a success, is also raised many controversies, as there are many critics brought to the newspaper by the Malay society. This is because Utusan Malaysia online made provocative comments and statements regarding the Malaysian government, but not only. Perhaps this is another reason why Utusan Malaysia online has become so popular. The fact that it targets all types of readers has also made Utusan Malaysia online the most widely read newspaper in Malaysia today. Millions of people access it every day, because they want to stay in touch with the latest news from Malaysia and the whole world, no matter where they are.

Statements Regarding Utusan Malaysia

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Utusan Malaysia is a Malaysian daily newspaper, founded in 1939 by the Utusan Group. It was translated as the Malaysian Courier, and although it was first published in Jawi, Utusan Malaysia is now published in romanised letters. Utusan Malaysia is regarded as the most successful newspaper in Malaysia, with the best selling rates. However, Utusan Malaysia has raised many controversies among the years and it has been seriously criticized, due to statements taken out of context and to racism. Here are some of the statements of influential people regarding Utusan Malaysia.

“Utusan wants to set Malaysia on fire..it is the most evil and dangerous element in our country right now. .. How can a lie be on the front page of a newspaper?” (Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng -May 2011)

“If we take action against Utusan Malaysia, what about the allegations against the Chinese papers? Then the Chinese papers will say what about the content of the Indian papers. And the Indian papers will then look at the English papers. It will never end.” (Hishammuddin Hussein – May 2011)

“Of late, Utusan Malaysia appears to be trying to rewrite the fundamental tenets of what responsible reporting entails… It crossed the line with its coverage of the ‘Christian State’ issue recently, earning a reprimand from the Home Ministry, after causing unnecessary alarm and anxiety among the different races in the country.” (MCA Vice-president Gan Ping Sieu – May 2011)

“Utusan Malaysia is not interested in Malay progress because Malay progress would mean that sub-par individuals would have no place in the hierarchy of the paper. So they need to perpetuate the system which has allowed them to milk privileges and accorded them special treatment.” (Colin See – May 2011)

“Utusan Malaysia represents Umno worldview and that worldview is that UMNO’s position in the country must be protected, even if it means destroying the country and its institutions. In this worldview, nothing is sacred. Not the Federal Constitution. Not the truth. Not facts. Not even the Almighty. The only thing that matters is every Malaysian should submit to the will of UMNO.” (The Malaysian Insider)

UMNO stand for the United Malays National Organisation, which is the largest political party in Malaysia. As you can see, the politicians are not very thrilled with Utusan Malaysia, although among the ordinary people it is still very popular.

Utusan Malaysia Newspaper

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With a long and graceful history that includes many important events you will be very interested by what happens in a country like Malaysia. Lucky for us that not only can you find out the facts and finer details through the Utusan Malaysia Newspaper but you can also read this Malaysian newspaper in English. The best news is that you don’t have to go to Malaysia to get your hands on their latest news because the Utusan Malaysia newspaper is available online for subscribers.

The beginning of this newspaper dates back to the early year of 1939 which was just before the Second World War took it deep effects. News of the war was published in the paper who took note of not only what was happening in Malaysia but in countries all over the world. Back in the original days of the paper becoming public news Malaysia was a British colony which gave influence to not only the beginning of the newspaper but also to its global news.

It was 1997 when the newspaper was released online which was a great act for the paper itself as the internet was still in its early stages in Malaysia. Many good things came of the paper going to an online status such as the ability for Malaysians outside of Malaysia to remain updated with the local news and events. The paper itself covers a wide range of topics including local and global news, politics, literature, culture and events.

Utusan Malaysia Online

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Utusan Malaysia is a Malaysian newspaper that provides information to its readers about local news, sports, entertainment, fashion, medicine and technology.

Utusan Malaysia got its start in Singapore in 1939, when Malaysia was still a British colony. The paper was originally published in Jawi, an Arabic alphabet adapted for the Malay language. Although the paper now uses Romanized letters, it still publishes a weekly supplement in Jawi. Initially, the Utusan Malaysia was a popular place for native Malaysians to express anti-colonial sentiment.

In 1958, after Malaysia gained independence from the British, Utusan Malaysia moved its headquarters to Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. In 1961, the previously independent newspaper was taken over by the United Malay National Organization (UMNO), the largest political party in Malaysia.  

In 1997, Utusan Malaysia became the first online Malaysian newspaper. Today, online versions of the paper are available in both Malay and English. To see a copy of Utusan Malaysia, go to Utusan.com.my. 

As of 2005, Utusan Malaysia had a readership of nearly 1.5 million people and was by far the best selling daily newspaper in the Malay language. 

In spite of its popularity, however, Utusan Malaysia is not without its critics. It has recently faced strong condemnation for its openly racist rhetoric against non-Malays and non-Muslims. Critics claim that these attacks have gotten more extreme since the UMNO-backed Badawi Administration came to power in 2003. Badawi stepped down amid much controversy in April of 2009. It remains to be seen how—or whether—his exit will affect Utusan Malaysia.

Utusan Malaysia Online Newspaper

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No matter where it is that you live in the world you always want to know what is going on in other countries. At least I know I do. Sometimes it is hard to find reputable an online newspaper that serves all the information accurately and in timely fashion. However, Utusan Malaysia online newspaper is probably one of the most diverse online newspapers that I found thus far.

They provide up to date and accurate information concerning different areas of the world, primarily their own, of course; however, they do cover other big news in other areas such as Greece, Argentina, as well as the United States.

The Utusan Malaysia online newspaper covers the latest news from all over the world but they do not stop there. The online newspaper also provides readers all the latest news regarding sports and entertainment. Again, they do not limit the information to their own country, but the entire world – from their country to the United States of America.

Want to read past news articles that the Utusan Malaysia online newspaper has produced and posted online but think you can’t because you can’t go to Malaysia to see “copies”? Never fret, all you have to do is go to their online site for their newspaper and simply check out the news archive, as this will have all the previously posted articles by the newspaper readily available, with search options by date, by Google, or by keyword, all for your reading pleasure.

Malaysia Today

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Malaysia today is a bustling modern country composed of thirteen states. Its capital city is Kuala Lumpur. Its population numbers around 28 million and is a mix of ethnic origins. Malaysia is a hot tourist spot thanks to its timeless history, its pristine scenery, its modern conveniences and its friendly population.

The largest official religion of Malaysia is Islam. Other religions include Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, as well as several traditional Chinese religions.

The government of Malaysia is based strongly on the British Parliamentary tradition. The head of state is a king elected to a five year term from among the hereditary Sultans of nine of the Malay states. Malaysia also has a prime minister.

Malaysia has a wealth of sights, sounds, and experiences to offer the modern tourist. Popular activities include diving, golfing, shopping (especially during the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival which takes place each fall), cave exploration, and sailing.

Favorite destinations include Taman Negara National Park, the KLCC Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur and St. Paul’s Hill, the site of a Portuguese fort and of St. Paul’s church.

Anyone planning a trip to Malaysia would be wise to check out the official tourism site, Tourism Malaysia for a comprehensive list of all the attractions as well as the many festivals that occur year round. Special events for 2010 include the Penang Floral Festival, the Sabah Dragon Boat Race, the Malaysia Contemporary Arts Festival and the Christmas Open House Celebration.

If you’re looking to do something a little different this year, why not come get to know the people of Malaysia today? Whatever your interests, you will find a way to indulge them in this tropical paradise.

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