My Morning Ritual

Filed under: Personal Experiences - 28 Jun 2012  | Spread the word !

Being far from home is very hard. As I have recently read in a book, it is always harder for the person leaving that for those staying. I am in such a situation. I left my birth country, Malaysia, to come in the United States of America in search of a better life. It is very hard to understand for people in the States that life in Malaysia is not that exotic and extraordinary. I tried to explain why I left my country several times, but few people really understood how it is to leave everything you have and to start all over again in a new country where you have no friends and no one to rely on. For me, life in Malaysia was hard, but even so, I suffer a lot because all my family and my friends are there. My roots are in my native country, but I do not think I will ever go back. For me, it is very important to have security and to know I have enough money in case something happens. As for my folks, I also offer them money and I plan bringing my family here. And in order to stay in touch with my country, I read Utusan Malaysia each day.

The newspaper, one of the most important in Malaysia, is part of my morning ritual. As I work from 10, each morning I wake up at 7, I run a few miles, I come and take a shower and prepare a coffee and breakfast. I live alone, so I have nobody to chat with in the morning and my entertainment source is my laptop. I have a subscription to this newspaper and I read it while I eat.

This way, I also make sure that I do not forget my native language and I also stay in touch with the culture and with the events that happen in Malaysia. My parents and my sibling also tell me everything, but when I am curious to find an objective opinion in relation with a certain even I prefer to check it on Utusan Malaysia. The newspaper is very interesting and covers news from my country and also international. It is very interesting to see how my people interpret events that happen in the world in comparison with how Americans approach and discuss them in their newspapers.