Malaysia – A Beautiful Country

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Malaysia is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. The country is actually formed by thirteen states and three federal territories bordered by Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. The country has maritime borders with Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines, too.

Malaysia has an area of 127,355 square miles and a population which exceeds 28.3 million residents, as the 2011 census indicated. The capital of the country is the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur.


Throughout its history, Malaysia has mostly developed as a British protectorate, unifying for the first time in 1946 when the Malayan Union was formed. In 1948 the Federation of Malaya was created, the country achieving independence only in August 1957.

Since the moment when Malaysia became an independent country, it had a spectacular economical growth. Economical development has been sustained by the country’s amazing natural resources, but also its expanding tourism.


Nowadays, tourism is one of the most important industries in the country, Malaysia managing to draw millions of visitors every year. The country is extremely attractive to tourists, as Malaysia actually is a mix of a modern world and a developing nation. The experience that visitors can enjoy here will be absolutely fascinating.

Malaysia is a multicultural society with a culture formed by a mix of indigenous and modern influences. Some of the most notable influences come from Chinese and Indian culture. Naturally, British culture influences can be seen all around the country, too. Festivals and events can be attended in all the regions of Malaysia. Actually, celebrations of this type are an important part of the Malaysian culture.


The most important cities in Malaysia are:

  • Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and one of the most impressive areas of the country. This is a multi-cultural city, the home of the famous Petronas Towers.
  • George Town is the capital of the Penang area. The city is well known for its amazing cultural life, but also its great cuisine.
  • Ipoh is the capital of Perak region. The city has a spectacular colonial old town. Unique colonial style buildings can be visited in this city.
  • Johor Bahru is well known as a gateway to Singapore. This city is the capital of the Johor region.
  • Kuantan is the capital of Pahang and an important commercial center. Various relaxation and entertainment options can be enjoyed here.
  • Malacca is one of the most famous cities of Malaysia. This actually is the historical city of the country, with an impressive colonial-style architecture.
  • Miri is a city resort. It is located in the region of Sarawak, being a gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Gunung Mulu National Park.

Malaysia is filled with beautiful parks and great attractions. Many areas of the country have access to spectacular beaches and a natural beauty that will charm every tourist on the spot. The cuisine in Malaysia is commonly characterized by the use of spices, coconut milk and fresh herbs. Most dishes that can be tasted in Malaysian restaurants are curries, stews or dips.


The country is filled with many scenic places of interest and great attractions. If you plan on visiting this country, make sure to find out more about the location you will arrive in.