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Nowadays, there are many Malay language newspapers that can be found in Malaysia. However, some of them are more appreciated than others. Here you can find a top of the best newspapers you can read on the territory of this country, in its official language. Make sure to consider them and you will surely not regret it.

1. Utusan Malaysia

As you can probably imagine, Utusan Malaysia is one of the most popular newspapers in the country. Translated into English, the name of this newspaper means Malaysian Courier. The newspaper was first founded in 1967. Throughout the years, Utusan Malaysia has suffered numerous changes, but it remained as popular as ever. Nowadays, Utusan Malaysia is considered the best source of information in the country. The newspaper can be easily distinct by its blue masthead and its logo and trademark. It has more than 32 pages of new and current news, including also interesting subjects on fashion, music, politics, as well as technology.


2. Berita Harian

Berita Harian is another popular newspaper that can be read by anyone in Malaysia. This newspaper is interesting, too, being one of the oldest in the country. In fact, Berita Harian was founded in 1957, about 10 years ahead of Utusan Malaysia. Throughout such a long period of time, the newspaper has been under various changes, as well, but its popularity never paled. One of the most important such changes dates back to 2012, when Berita Harian actually changed its name to BH. The newspaper became more modern to draw a diverse public.


3. Harian Metro

Harian Metro is also popular. The Malay daily newspaper is actually considered to be unique, as this is the first afternoon tabloid in Klang Valley. Harian Metro was founded in 1991. Its audience is formed by people of all ages, this tabloid mostly drawing young people interested in entertainment, shopping news and lifestyle, but also in daily news.


Checking out all these newspapers is a must if you are interested in the daily news in Malaysia. They all represent great sources of getting informed and of finding out everything that is new.

Utusan Malaysia Logo

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A logo is a glyph or symbolic and identifying mark that stands for origin, identity or ownership of company, product or business. The main role of a logo is to create a memorable impression on the mind of a potential client, so it’s crucial for corporate identity.

Many people don’t know what makes a logo be great. Most of them realize that when they see it. Their answer is sometimes true because a logo has to catch their eyes when they see it, creating curiosity and embeds the existence of the company in their mind. Nonetheless, there are a few elements that make a logo be great. A good logo has the power to strengthen your brand image and corporate identity, giving you a great advantage over competitors. There are three basic types of logos and one of the most important principles is to keep it simple.


Symbols and icons are compelling and simple images. They are emblematic of a company, product and service. These symbols convey a literal or abstract representation of your organization and have a broader interpretation of what the organization stands for.

A wordmark is also known as a logotype and incorporates the name of the company or brand. It features a unique type font treatment, being possible thousand of possible variations, sizes, shapes, styles and each of them conveying a slightly various impression.


Another type of logo is combination marks. These are graphics including both text and an icon/symbol which signifies the brand image that is wished to be projected for a company or product.


Utusan Malaysia, one of the most popular and appreciated newspapers in Malaysia knows that a logo is very important and that adds value to its image and brand. This is the main reason why its designers and brand consultants did a great job. They chose combination marks as a logo. The logo is the intellectual property of the copyright and of trademark holder. It represents the newspaper and its values. Nonetheless, any logo can be changed after a couple of years when the image and brand of a company or product are also renewed.

Utusan Malaysia Online

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most appreciated newspapers in Malaysia. It contains pages related to current affairs, entertainment, politics, as well as many other things that people are interested in.

The newspaper has adapted to the new technology and now there is an online version of it. Additionally, Utusan Malaysia is online on Android, which is the mobile version of Utusan Malaysia.


Readers have the possibility to get the latest breaking news from this newspaper directly on their Android phone. Available features in this application are:

  • Hiburan
  • Dunia
  • Politik
  • Berita Terkini (in Bahasa Malaysia)


Utusan Malaysia is known for its logo and trademark and it was first created and published in Jawi, an Arabic transcript. It was established in 1939 and gradually, it became an influential medium for people to express their opinions about the ruling of the British Government in Malaysia.


Throughout time, the format and the content of this newspaper has evolved a lot. Today, it’s the most evolved and trusted source of news and information, having more than 32 pages of news and many other things. It also provides supplements related to topics such as:

  • music
  • health
  • fashion
  • entertainment
  • technology
  • business


There are also auto-renewing subscriptions that renew automatically unless the subscriber turns off auto-renewal after purchase via the subscriber’s iTunes account. Nowadays, Utusan Malaysia has included the latest technology and is also an influential medium for people. They have the opportunity to find out the latest news that may influence their lives and also to express their opinions about various things.

Utusan Malaysia Is The Best

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most important Malaysian newspapers. It was founded in 1957 and is also the number one selling Malay-language newspaper in Malaysia.

The newspaper contains over 32 pages of current affairs, news, as well as regular supplements. Its supplements are related to various fields such as health, technology, politics, entertainment, fashion, music and many others.


Despite the fact that this newspaper is so popular, it has also been criticised for manipulating audiences and for containing racist and provocative headlines.

Nevertheless, Utusan Malaysia is one of the main newspapers in this country. It also has supplements useful for tourists, but Utusan Malaysia covers also many local issues related to business, entertainment, culture and politics.


It also includes shopping, accommodation, bargains, vacations, resorts, property, stock market and many other things that people are interested in.

This popular newspaper also carries interesting reports about music, culture, entertainment and fashion. In addition, it contains reports about current affairs and news which are very important for the society. 


The survey conducted by AC Nielson on Malaysian publications showed that Utusan Malaysia is the most circulated paper in this country, having a readership of approximately 1,497,000.

Utusan Malaysia also has an English version and it became popular for a yeoman service in the British period of time when it emphasized provincial interests. Mingguan Malaysia is a sister newspaper of Utusan Malaysia.


Other popular publications in Malaysia are Kangura, Utusan Borneo, Kosmo and Harian Metro. It’s interesting how Utusan Malaysia still has a wonderful position, being the most successful newspaper in this country.

What Is Utusan Malaysia

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Utusan Malaysia is a newspaper that can be bought in Malaysia. The name is translated as Malaysian Courier. For some time, it had a sister paper named Utusan Melayu, but that does not appear anymore since 2006. This is the best selling newspaper of the country and it appears daily. It has a broadsheet format. The owner and publisher of it is Utusan Group. The headquarters of the group are in Kuala Lumpur. The first edition of the paper appeared in 1967. In the beginning, this was a longer version of Utusan Melayu and represented a daily edition of Mingguan Malaysia, which appeared in 1965. In 1997, the Malaysian newspaper appeared for the first time online with texts and visuals. Only paying subscribers can access the complete information of the online edition of the paper. This is offered online in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia. Another project having as partner the newspaper was released in 2001. On July 2, Utusan Education Portal was released. This is one of the best educational websites in the country.

The newspaper is easy to recognize after its blue masthead and after its logo. It has 32 pages, most of them are filled with news and current affairs, but the supplements of the paper offers readers diverse information about fashion, politics, music, entertainment, health and technology. In present, this is the only news paper coming in broadsheet in the country. In 2008, another Malay paper called Berita Harian changed its format, being published from broadsheet to tabloid style. According to a study of the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the circulation of this daily newspaper decreased alarmingly between 2006 and 2009, with more than 21%.

Recently, Utusan Malaysia came under fire when it was demonstrated that some of the news presented in it, especially those in the political domain were fabricated. Other of them were taken out of context and some of it manipulated, but the trust that people had in this paper dissapeared when this information was made public. More than this, Utusan proved to have racist comment on some topics, which sparked even more criticism from the public paying for it.  The Foreign News page of the paper also created problems, as few international news are published, about two pages in each edition. The last controversy in which Utusan was involved is related to Hata Wahari, a journalist that was suspended after he insulted the management of the group.

Utusan Malaysia – The Way To Get Informed

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Finding out the latest news is always a must to be able to know the changes that are about to occur in the society in which you live. When you know the latest governmental decisions or the changes that are meant to affect you in a way or another, they will never get you by surprise. This is why no matter the country in which you live, you have to access a trustworthy source of information that will keep you properly informed. If you are currently living in Malaysia, the best newspaper to read is the Utusan Malaysia.

Utusan Malaysia has been one of the most appreciated newspapers in this country and despite the criticism that the publication has been under various occasions, you should know that its popularity has never paled. Utusan Malaysia remains one of the best known and most trusted sources of information for the residents of this beautiful country, but also for people from all around the world who are interested in the evolution of the economical, political or social state of this society. Since nowadays Utusan Malaysia also has an online page, no matter where you are, you can read the articles published in the newspaper. A very interesting fact about Utusan Malaysia is that there are no big changes between its online and its paper edition. So, whatever version you will decide to read, you will be able to get properly informed with everything that has happened new in the country.

The Utusan Malaysia has first been published in 1967. Statistics indicate that in the year 2004, the newspaper was placed in circulation in more than 250,000 copies, being one of the best selling newspapers in the country. Actually, Utusan Malaysia is the number one selling daily newspaper in the Asian country. An impressive number of people read and trust the information found in Utusan Malaysia, as the newspaper has proved impartiality and fairness, presenting all information accurately. Now you know that if you want to get informed about the latest events which have happened in Malaysia, the Utusan Malaysia is the right newspaper to read.

Utusan Malaysia History

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most popular newspapers published in Malaysia. The name of this newspaper can be translated into English as the Malaysian Courier. Well, this is one of the best selling and most trusted newspapers in Malaysia, being published in Malay language. Utusan Malaysia currently also has an online page on which people from all around the world will be able to find and read the latest news about important events that have happened within the country, but not only. Utusan Malaysia is considered to be a trustworthy source of information, providing new and accurate news.

There is no wonder after all that Utusan Malaysia is so popular nowadays. However, a very important aspect about this newspaper that you should be aware of, is that this also is one of the longest publications in the country. Utusan Malaysia was first published in 1967. In fact, Utusan Malaysia was released about 2 years after the first publishing of Mingguan Malaysia. Utusan Malaysia is considered to be a version of this newspaper. Since people in Malaysia think of Utusan Malaysia as a source of information they can trust, there is no shock in the fact that throughout the years the fame of this publication has been so much increased that in 1997, the Group media decided to launch a Utusan Malaysia online edition. In fact, this launch has been considered a historical moment for the country, as Utusan Malaysia is the first newspaper to have an online edition in full text and visuals.

Utusan Malaysia has made history in this beautiful country, but success has also shown a decrease during the years. An event of this kind dates back to 2009. Then, statistics indicated that the daily circulation of the newspapers has dropped with about 21 from 2006. Maybe this reality can be best explained through the fact that more and more people began using the Internet, this way accessing the online version of the newspaper for the latest news. No matter, such statistics the reality is that the popularity of Utusan Malaysia has never paled and people still consider it their main source of information.

Utusan Malaysia Brings All the News

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The Utusan Malaysia is one of the most read publications of the country. The paper has a long lasting tradition, as the first issue was released in 1939. There are many aspects which make the Utusan Malaysia one of the most important writings in the region. The impact of the paper grew once with its spread across the nation and with gaining more and more readers. The topics approached by the paper derive from the most important current affairs mainly. In addition to these, the Utusan Malaysia also issues supplements on various topics, such as: health, fashion, music, entertainment, politics and technology. Readers have the tendency to opt for this paper rather than for any other due to the fact that the information presented is very accurate, well-documented and professionally presented. Even though some criticism and controversy has surrounded the Utusan Malaysia, the paper is still going strong today in the printed and in the online version.

The criticism placed on the Utusan Malaysia revolved on the way in which political issues were presented. The political articles were said to be filled with mistakes, double standards and quotes taken out of context. In addition to the political themed scandal stirred by the Utusan Malaysia, another controversy issued after the apparent racist statements published. Even so, the paper still managed to stay in the top preferences of people looking to find out what is going on locally and nationally. The international segment of the paper could be improved, claim the readers and the other people involved, as it presents too little facts.

The Utusan Malaysia has moved to the online medium as well as most publications today. All the featured articles form the printed version and even more can be read online. The website provides a printed version available for download and a Facebook page, through which people can stay in contact with the releases and find out more about what is going on around them as soon as the news hits the Internet. The Utusan Malaysia still has numerous readers even after all the scandals, as it is a publication with a long history and tradition.

Things To Know About Utusan Malaysia

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Utusan Malaysia is a popular publication which has been released on daily basis for many years, in Malaysia, of course in the language of Malay. The name of this newspaper, translated into English, actually means Malaysian Courier. Well, not only that this is one of the oldest and one of the few successful daily newspapers of the country, but Utusan Malaysia also is the most appreciated publication in Malaysia. Statistics show that Utusan Malaysia is the number one publication of the country. So, we must say that people really trust it and that they base their own informing on the news received while reading this popular newspaper.

The first edition of the Utusan Malaysia was out in 1967. The first online version of the newspaper was released in 1997, so since that year people who want to be informed about the latest news and the most important events that have happened in the country can easily access the online page of Utusan Malaysia. Well, after accessing the Utusan Malaysia website, there is really no way you are not going to be positively surprised. The graphic is quite interesting, while the topics here are very engaging. As a reader you will have the possibility to leave comments or raise yourself new topics of discussion. Anyway, positive reviews are not all you will be able to read about Utusan Malaysia. Although Utusan Malaysia has been a credible source of information for numerous years, criticism on the newspaper raised.

Critics claimed that numerous news and various information presented in Utusan Malaysia were politicized, meaning that they were not actually impartial, as journalists should be, when presenting some stories. Despite the criticism, Utusan Malaysia has never lost its popularity or the position as the number one newspaper in the preferences of all readers. Anyway, statistics also showed that the daily circulation of Utusan Malaysia has dropped with about 21 percent since 2006 till 2009. Still, checking out the newspaper or its web page will definitely be a great idea if you want to learn something about the social and political context of the country.

Criticism Regarding Utusan Malaysia

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most important and renown newspapers in Malaysia, as it has a history of nearly 45 years. This publication is the main provider of news for the Malay people, who get the chance to read it in both a traditional and an online format. However, it was not the news and editorials that got Utusan Malaysia the popularity that it now has. Unfortunately, the reason behind it is the intense criticism that Utusan Malaysia got over time and the numerous scandals it was involved in. This is why the credibility of Utusan Malaysia had to suffer on numerous occasions.

Most criticisms came from the fact that Utusan Malaysia is thought to have political purposes, meaning that it only releases a certain type of political news. Also, Utusan Malaysia is often taking statements out of context, and thus it influences the opinion of its audience in a negative way. For example, the statements given by the Chief Ministers in Opposition-held states have been taken out of context more than once, thus manipulating public beliefs. Racism has also been of concern, as Utusan Malaysia has provocative headlines, especially towards the New Economic Policy. This is why many politicians from Malaysia have tried to boycott the newspaper and have filled numerous suits. Then, Utusan Malaysia is also blamed because it does not approach as many international news as people hope to read. Out of the total of 50 pages, Utusan Malaysia only allocates 2 or 3 pages to the foreign news section.

No wonder, thus, that people are unsatisfied with the newspaper. One of the most recent scandals in which Utusan Malaysia was involved was caused by the fact that the newspaper suspended the journalist Hata Wahari, who is also the president of the National Union of Journalists. The alleged reason behind this action was the fact that Hata Wahari had supposedly messed with the reputation of Utusan Malaysia, thus insulting its management. Although the criticism on Utusan Malaysia is harsh, people keep on reading it, especially since it is published online as well, and it also has an English version.

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