Top Newspapers In Malaysia

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Nowadays, there are many Malay language newspapers that can be found in Malaysia. However, some of them are more appreciated than others. Here you can find a top of the best newspapers you can read on the territory of this country, in its official language. Make sure to consider them and you will surely not regret it.

1. Utusan Malaysia

As you can probably imagine, Utusan Malaysia is one of the most popular newspapers in the country. Translated into English, the name of this newspaper means Malaysian Courier. The newspaper was first founded in 1967. Throughout the years, Utusan Malaysia has suffered numerous changes, but it remained as popular as ever. Nowadays, Utusan Malaysia is considered the best source of information in the country. The newspaper can be easily distinct by its blue masthead and its logo and trademark. It has more than 32 pages of new and current news, including also interesting subjects on fashion, music, politics, as well as technology.


2. Berita Harian

Berita Harian is another popular newspaper that can be read by anyone in Malaysia. This newspaper is interesting, too, being one of the oldest in the country. In fact, Berita Harian was founded in 1957, about 10 years ahead of Utusan Malaysia. Throughout such a long period of time, the newspaper has been under various changes, as well, but its popularity never paled. One of the most important such changes dates back to 2012, when Berita Harian actually changed its name to BH. The newspaper became more modern to draw a diverse public.


3. Harian Metro

Harian Metro is also popular. The Malay daily newspaper is actually considered to be unique, as this is the first afternoon tabloid in Klang Valley. Harian Metro was founded in 1991. Its audience is formed by people of all ages, this tabloid mostly drawing young people interested in entertainment, shopping news and lifestyle, but also in daily news.


Checking out all these newspapers is a must if you are interested in the daily news in Malaysia. They all represent great sources of getting informed and of finding out everything that is new.