Utusan Malaysia Logo

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A logo is a glyph or symbolic and identifying mark that stands for origin, identity or ownership of company, product or business. The main role of a logo is to create a memorable impression on the mind of a potential client, so it’s crucial for corporate identity.

Many people don’t know what makes a logo be great. Most of them realize that when they see it. Their answer is sometimes true because a logo has to catch their eyes when they see it, creating curiosity and embeds the existence of the company in their mind. Nonetheless, there are a few elements that make a logo be great. A good logo has the power to strengthen your brand image and corporate identity, giving you a great advantage over competitors. There are three basic types of logos and one of the most important principles is to keep it simple.


Symbols and icons are compelling and simple images. They are emblematic of a company, product and service. These symbols convey a literal or abstract representation of your organization and have a broader interpretation of what the organization stands for.

A wordmark is also known as a logotype and incorporates the name of the company or brand. It features a unique type font treatment, being possible thousand of possible variations, sizes, shapes, styles and each of them conveying a slightly various impression.


Another type of logo is combination marks. These are graphics including both text and an icon/symbol which signifies the brand image that is wished to be projected for a company or product.


Utusan Malaysia, one of the most popular and appreciated newspapers in Malaysia knows that a logo is very important and that adds value to its image and brand. This is the main reason why its designers and brand consultants did a great job. They chose combination marks as a logo. The logo is the intellectual property of the copyright and of trademark holder. It represents the newspaper and its values. Nonetheless, any logo can be changed after a couple of years when the image and brand of a company or product are also renewed.