Utusan Malaysia History

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Utusan Malaysia is one of the most popular newspapers published in Malaysia. The name of this newspaper can be translated into English as the Malaysian Courier. Well, this is one of the best selling and most trusted newspapers in Malaysia, being published in Malay language. Utusan Malaysia currently also has an online page on which people from all around the world will be able to find and read the latest news about important events that have happened within the country, but not only. Utusan Malaysia is considered to be a trustworthy source of information, providing new and accurate news.

There is no wonder after all that Utusan Malaysia is so popular nowadays. However, a very important aspect about this newspaper that you should be aware of, is that this also is one of the longest publications in the country. Utusan Malaysia was first published in 1967. In fact, Utusan Malaysia was released about 2 years after the first publishing of Mingguan Malaysia. Utusan Malaysia is considered to be a version of this newspaper. Since people in Malaysia think of Utusan Malaysia as a source of information they can trust, there is no shock in the fact that throughout the years the fame of this publication has been so much increased that in 1997, the Group media decided to launch a Utusan Malaysia online edition. In fact, this launch has been considered a historical moment for the country, as Utusan Malaysia is the first newspaper to have an online edition in full text and visuals.

Utusan Malaysia has made history in this beautiful country, but success has also shown a decrease during the years. An event of this kind dates back to 2009. Then, statistics indicated that the daily circulation of the newspapers has dropped with about 21 from 2006. Maybe this reality can be best explained through the fact that more and more people began using the Internet, this way accessing the online version of the newspaper for the latest news. No matter, such statistics the reality is that the popularity of Utusan Malaysia has never paled and people still consider it their main source of information.